– by Joseph Jammer Medina

One of the members of the Justice League we’ll be getting to know anew in the upcoming film of the same name. So what exactly makes this guy tick? Speaking with SFX Magazine, actor Ray Fisher said:

“He’s a college athlete with an IQ of 170 before he even gets cybernetic. So you take a smart guy, make him even smarter. He essentially has his whole world taken away from him. He has his body taken away in a tragic accident, and his father, with whom he has a very sordid relationship, takes it upon himself to graft these cybernetic materials–this Apokoliptian Mother Box–to him.”

That all sounds like a recipe for feeling alienated. Smart people already have a tendency towards introversion, so add in the ability to download data, along with the enhanced physical capabilities, and it’s easy to see why Cyborg’s always sporting a bit of a frown in the trailers.

Although Cyborg’s father’s action saved him, it can’t help but throw a wrench into their relationship.

“So that creates a lot more tension within that relationship, the idea that his father wanted him to go into science, and he just wanted to be himself. The idea of Cyborg dealing with his duality just runs throughout the entire course of this film. He’s a bit more serious because he’s only recently, in our version, become Cyborg. So he’s still dealing with what the means…He finds a lot of those answers, or begins to find a lot of those answers, through interacting with these guys.”

It’s actually very interesting to hear how the heroes all come together in this film. If you look at The Avengers, each of the members were all complete people by the time that film rolled around, with their own lives. With Justice League, each member truly seems to be missing a piece of themselves, and through this experience, seem to be becoming a whole new person. While some fans make take issue with that, this can very well end up making the film feel all the more real and intimate. At least that’s the hope.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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SOURCE: SFX Magazine (via ComicBook.com)

  • Victor Roa

    So much baggage on this ONE character….. this is why Zack Snyder couldn’t get it right, he’s got this insane attention span where he just zooms in one ONE THING meanwhile he’s got 6 other characters and he’s too busy working on the armor for 5 fucking years. Sigh, remember how they nailed Cyborg on Teen Titans, YES HE DID HAVE THIS ORIGIN, but they had 4 other characters to juggle.

    • Venomaide

      To dark and grim. But is there a Beast Boy cameo?

      • Victor Roa

        lets hope, because the way it’s described…. it’s slow walking, slow listening to tragedy and slow angst, but if he turns and sees a green dog beside him it’d be less painful to sit through

  • mahunterjr

    Cyborg is a character I have no connection with whatsoever. I’m curious to see how the writers can build authenticity around a character who will be foreign to many casual fans of the Justice League.

    • Lenin1959

      Same here. But the costume is just too 80s in my opinion. Discoborg – I hope he will be dancing in this movie pretty often.

    • AmiRami

      totally agree. I couldn’t care less about Cyborg. I will have no emotional connection to the character at all.

  • He reminds me of Shumacher’s Mr. Freeze.

  • TheOct8pus

    DAD: Son, you should go into science – like your old man.
    CYBORG: But dad, I just want to play football. I’m good at it…
    DAD: If you don’t go into science, science is going to go into YOU…

    Dad implants mainframe in son’s body….

  • AmiRami

    The only tragedy of Cyborg is that the New 52 made the huge mistake of promoting him from Tenn Titan to JL member. He should have stayed where he was.

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