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The last few days have seen a Kamala Khan and Mephisto rumor doing the rounds. I’ll give some context for why this rumor was given attention below. However, specifically a user on Reddit had claimed that Kamala Khan would be revealed as the daughter of Mephisto in Ms. Marvel. As said, it sounds too easy to dismiss this, so why the fuss? Before we get to that though, here is what Lizzie Hill of Murphy’s Multiverse had to say on it. You should know by now that Murphy’s Multiverse has one of the best hit rates for Marvel leaks around right now.

So why was an idea as out there as Mephisto being Kamala’s dad even entertained? The Reddit user who posted this supposed leak had got some attention by correctly identifying Julie Louis-Dreyfus as the mystery cameo in the last episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier before it aired. Now obviously that caught other fans attention. This was then followed by a summary of the plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Again, nothing crazy here yet, until some more credible scoopers came out and said that summary matched with things they had heard. Suddenly fans think they’ve found a genuine leaker. When the next supposed leak said the info Hill is referring to above though, fans got jumpy.

Most of the online chatter to be fair was saying how this sounded ridiculous. However what about those earlier correct leaks?


For now the mods over at r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers have been able to confirm that the person leaking this information does have sources at Marvel Studios. However, they also say that this person is not in possession of the complete picture and only going off of what they have heard. It seems that this person may have taken when someone calls Kamala ‘Demon Spawn’ in the show for confirmation she is Mephisto’s daughter. Yep, it’s daft.

If what I am hearing and reading is true, it appears this Mephisto rumor really was someone taking one line and jumping straight to Mephisto for no reason. If this line is used within Ms. Marvel there are a number of ways it could be interpreted. Hill above confirms that Kamal is an Inhuman, something we have heard from other sources as well. Perhaps the whole Inhuman thing has made some people hate those different from them? A common Human trait after all. Demon Spawn could simply be a derogatory term someone uses against a kid, which hurts. Occam’s Razor folks, the simplest solution is most usually the right one.

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The leaking/scoop game is dangerous. It can become very easy to take what a source gives you and add your own bells and whistles to it. I am specifically very careful when anyone from LRM writes up an exclusive scoop that we don’t do this. Speculation is absolutely part of covering leaks, but they must be clearly signposted. What is the information you were given from the source, and now, what do you think that could mean? If the interpretation is clearly signposted then it does not cause issues.

I think what happened here was, that someone has added their own wild speculation to genuine leaks. Simple.

Some of you will be wondering why we haven’t covered those Spider-Man: No Way Home leaks more fully? Listen, there are around 20 different plot summaries a day on 4Chan for No Way Home. Very few summaries have substance, but one is gaining traction, and getting backed up. We at LRM do not cover full plot summaries, we think that’s a bridge too far. Well, once we know they are not completely random fan fiction I guess? I’m sure you will be able to find it fairly easily without my guidance.

What do you think of this Krazy Kamala Khan and Mephisto rumor. Are you glad this has been debunked quickly? Thoughts below as always.

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