– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The MCU is one expansive beast, but those fans who are still holding out that the TV shows will ever actually legitimately cross over into the films shows — with TV characters showing up in the movies — are fooling themselves. With the separation of Marvel Studios from the rest of Marvel Entertainment, it pretty much guaranteed it would all be too much of a logistical nightmare to make a reality.

Nevertheless, rumors persisted. More specifically, there were rumors that Daredevil could potentially show up in the standalone Black Widow film, which is currently in development. Given the more grounded nature of Black Widow’s character, it seems like a real possibility, right? Speaking with ComicBook.com, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige kind of debunked that straight-up, saying;

“There are a lot of potential characters that are among that list. That’s one I haven’t heard.”

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Now, I know what some of you are thinking — just because he hadn’t heard of it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. I’ll concede that that’s true, but given the sheer number of characters at Marvel Studios’ disposal, if they haven’t already thrown it on a list, it seems unlikely that that would actually happen, even if it would be cool.

If there is one big regret with these films and TV shows, it’s that they can’t cross over in a meaningful way. That being said, in keeping them separate, it does ultimately give them much more creative freedom, which ain’t a bad thing.

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SOURCE: ComicBook.com

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