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*The following article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Far From Home, you have been warned!*



At the very end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, it was revealed that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were actually Skrulls, specifically Talos and his wife Soren who were introduced in Captain Marvel. So what does this actually mean for the future of Skrulls within the MCU?

Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige discussed this and teased more to come when speaking with Fandango recently. So it does look like the Kree/Skrull conflict has a lot more story to tell in the MCU, check out Feige’s quotes below. Specifically Fandango asked Feige about a line in the film where Skrull splinter cells are mentioned.

“You heard that!”

Fandango: “Of course! So is this Kree-Skrull situation going to continue and become something significant in the next phase?”

“Well, that Kree-Skrull war was a big part of the comics and a big part of the Captain Marvel mythology that we wanted to build into. And there’ll be lots of questions like, what was Captain Marvel up to in the 20-plus years between when she flew away at the end of Captain Marvel to when she appears in Endgame? That particular line, though, is one of the handful of Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the film that Maria or Fury say that give an indication that something’s different about them. Fury does things earlier in the film where he refers to the earth to Peter as “your world,” instead of “our world.” And when you watch it for the first time, it just goes by. But when you watch it a second time, knowing what’s coming, it’s fun to see that they’re there. And Jon Watts is very good at laying in those Easter eggs.”

Interesting, what do Skrull splinter cells mean, could there be bad Skrulls as well as good Skrulls? Feige has hinted previously after Captain Marvel that this is likely the case. It also seems like the Kree/Skrull war is going to be an ongoing narrative in the future of the MCU, and I certainly hope for more Ben Mendelsohn, as he’s phenomenal in everything I see him in.

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We don’t know whether Captain Marvel 2 will be a prequel again, and feature the time she spent in the cosmos dealing with the Kree, or whether it will be a contemporary movie? Either way there seems a good chance that Fury, Talos, Soren and the Kree will play a big part in Captain Marvel 2 and perhaps other MCU movies going forward.

What did you think of Spider-Man: Far From Home and its mid and end-credit scenes for the future of the MCU? Leave your thoughts and predictions in the usual spot below.

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