– by Seth McDonald

If you are as excited for Thor: Ragnarok as we are, then hearing just how big Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is on Taika Waititi might just make your day. Here’s what he had to say, speaking with Screen Rant:

“Well, we’ll see. I would love, love, love to work with Taika again and I have every confidence that we will. What we’re working on right now is the next six movies. The next six movies that will bring us to Untitled Avengers in May 2019, which carries off a lot of what you see in this movie. In some cases very directly, and continues to build and grow. The notion of the Jack Kirby elements. Walt Simonson has always been an influence on the Thor series for us, obviously, he’s done such amazing work in Thor. Jack Kirby has been an influence on every Marvel movie we’ve ever made because he built the Marvel Universe with Stan, Steve Ditko, and the whole gang there, but this movie, and coincidentally being the 100th year anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth, we really wanted to be that unabashed love letter, and a film by Taika, when talking to the art department, and saying, ‘oh look at that, it really should be like this’, looking at Jack Kirby costumes and background panels, and the art department doing something inspired by it and then Taika going no, no. Do this! [referencing exact Kirby art] And that’s why you have, it’s direct to translation of Kirby’s artwork which hasn’t been seen in a movie before.”

While I enjoyed Thor and Thor: The Dark World, I was in on Thor Ragnarok from the film’s first trailer. As I have said before, the increased humor that seems to be present to Thor’s new attitude, the film just looks like a really good time at the theater. After being absent from Captain America: Civil War, fans will finally get to see Hulk again, who we now know can form broken sentences and is sporting a sweet new haircut.

Thor: Ragnarok opens November 2.

Would you like to see Taika Waititi direct more films in the MCU?

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SOURCE: Screen Rant