– by Campbell Clark

It goes without saying that the Russo brothers are one of the hottest director pairings in movies right now. They have already made the most critically lauded MCU film in The Winter Soldier, they have made another well-received movie in Civil War and they also made the gargantuan box office Avengers smash hits Infinity War and Endgame.

It remains possible that Endgame could still topple Avatar as the most successful movie of all time, though I must admit as the weeks go on, I find it less likely this is happening. So what exactly prompted Marvel to pick these guys, when did they know these were the directors to carry forward their biggest movies to date? Kevin Feige answered these questions during a recent AMAA on Reddit and here is what the Marvel head honcho said.

“We loved the experience working with them on The Winter Soldier. We had an amazing time developing the Civil War script with them, I think it was soon before production began on Civil War that we asked them to direct Infinity War and Endgame.”

Interesting that Feige committed to offering them Infinity War and Endgame before production had even begun on Civil War, but I suppose for many fans, The Winter Soldier was a bit of a turning point for the MCU as well as the character of Captain America. Cap was hardly my favorite Avenger in either his own solo movie or Avengers itself. I think it’s what the Russo’s and their regular writing team of Markus and McFeely that really brought Cap to life for me. Suddenly he was the big hero, who would tackle any challenge with the same level of morals he always demonstrated.

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If that’s not enough to land them the gig, then I don’t know what is? Equally, Feige and co could obviously sense they had the ability to work with a big ensemble cast as Civil War almost felt like Avengers 2.5 to most people, yet with a focus centered on Captain America, it also felt like the perfect end to his trilogy of movies.

Are you glad Marvel noticed the talent of the Russo’s, and what would you love to see them directing next, outside of the MCU? Drop your ideas in the usual box below.

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SOURCE: Kevin Feige (via Reddit)