– by Seth McDonald

With the release of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (which looks to be a hit) right around the corner, comedian Kevin Hart is always looking to the future. Hart recently spoke with CinemaBlend, and mentioned about another Robin Williams movie he would enjoy remaking:

“I’ll stay on the Robin Williams train and say that if I could jump into Mrs. Doubtfire. That was a very amazing performance on both ends for him. I think that’s one I’d love to get to play in.”

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I think this would be a great role for Hart, and I would like to see his spin on this classic Robin Williams character. At some point, Hollywood will remake this film anyway, and Kevin Hart doesn’t seem like a bad way to go. Hart has been a busy man over the last few years, appearing in films such as Think Like a ManCentral Intelligence, and provided his voice for both The Secret Life of Pets and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.

Currently, Hart is filming Night School, about a group of troublemakers that are trying to pass a GED exam. Also included in Hart’s upcoming slate of films is a remake of The Great Outdoors, and a newly announced film in which Hart will play a hitman titled, On the Run.

Do you think Kevin Hart would make a good Mrs. Doubtfire? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: CinemaBlend

  • Kevin Motionworkscinema Knight

    Nooooo! No more Kevin Hart! Put Will Smith or Denzel Washington in that role!

  • Venomaide

    Some one should tell kevin its been done big mamas house, madea movies.

  • Victor Roa

    this is a 30 Rock joke come to life

  • secretAGENTman

    “Dude, that’s racist!”


  • syambo87

    Kevin Hart as a Nanny spying on his own kids… while his wife is dating the People’s magazine Sexiest Man Dwayne Johnson… hahaha… more short jokes… “Honey… i know i was half the man he is” “Literally Half” “-Let me Finish… I know i’m not some hunk ass pretty boy who keeps looking at himself in the mirror” – cuts to the rock checking himself out in the mirror and kissing his biceps… ” But i’m their Father… and their Kids need their Father… You deserve to be happy and i’m for that, i dont want to be between you and your happiness… but please don’t take my kids away from me”…

    oo… should cast the Jada Smith as the wife… “You know mrs Gump… you’re a cute little lady… you’re almost as tall as my ex husband”… or maybe he bangs his head on a cupboard… ” Mrs Gump watch yourself… my stupid ass husband always banged his head on that thing… he’s so short… he makes Frodo look like a Basketball Star”

    maybe at the end of the movie… she be like… you’re not short baby.. you’re just cute..”

    then Kevin Hart gets to be The Rock’s Sidekick in a Motion Picture… hehehe

  • Lenin1959

    Only if it is about spying on his husband – a “Gay Is Great” message needs to be at the center of this remake because Hollywood is full of great people who love mankind… especially naked and raped in their hotel rooms.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      That comment was out of left field. Is everything all right buddy? Do you want to talk about it?

      • Lenin1959

        Don’t make that comment kind of a big deal. Okay?

  • Nick_SuIIivan

    Kevin Hart in a dress. I’m getting Wesley Snipes in To Wong Fu flashbacks. Yikes.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Do you guys remember when Dave Chappelle said that Hollywood is always trying to put black men in a dress?

  • Joshua Merritt

    First The Great Outdoors, now Mrs. Doubtfire? This man needs to be stopped. He is not as funny as John Candy or Robin Williams, barely funny in his own right. He is going to not only ruin the names of these movies, but waste a lot of money.