Kevin Smith Discusses How He Would Approach A Batman Film

Kevin Smith loves Batman. Kevin Smith is good friends with Ben Affleck. Kevin Smith has written multiple Batman comics. Kevin Smith has directed multiple DC shows for the CW.

With those qualifiers, does anyone want to know what Kevin Smith would do with Batman?

On one of his many podcasts, Fatman on Batman, Kevin Smith shared his version of a Batman film, first brushing off the shared universe:

“I would do what [Warner Bros.] are doing right now, which is, let’s just start making movies that aren’t connected. Don’t worry about that universe, don’t worry about tying things together. They were masters at this sh-t. They mastered the comic book movie in the ’70s with Superman, in the late ’80s, early ’90s with Batman, they have the f-cking Dark Knight trilogy, they should be able to do this in their f-cking sleep.”

Agreed, the DC Extended Universe is in such disarray, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is rocking it hard enough for both companies, so maybe DC can make a good completely standalone flick? Maybe? Smith continued (and continued… and continued…):

“The notion of the Todd Phillips Joker movie is kind of interesting to me. Matt Reeves’ solo Batman movie is interesting to me. I don’t think they should just be making f-cking 200 million dollar f-cking Batman movies. They don’t need to. You can do a f-cking 15 million dollar cool horror version of that movie, sh-t, for even less. Arkham Asylum, if they were ever gonna do Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum, takes place in one f-cking location, man. Bunch of spooky rooms with the rogue’s gallery. Everybody’s f-cking in it.”

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Smith also doesn’t feel A-list stars are a requirement for a blockbuster Batman film. Perhaps he could cast Lee Pace?

“Unless you don’t overpay for talent, which you really don’t f-cking need to because a lot of people are in makeup and sh-t like that, you can cast that movie pretty simply and shoot that movie for like 15 million bucks. If a Batman movie can make 800 [million] to a billion [dollars] and it does it on a 200 million dollar budget, it’s just more profit in a 15 million dollar film and something to talk about because it sounds like it could be an interesting project as well in smaller hands with a tighter vision. Different from, ‘Let’s just make it big and over the top!’ I think they need to pirouette. They need to f-cking pivot and do something different. The rumors are that Reeves is doing the Dark Knight detective, old version of Batman. That might be interesting as opposed to the same f-cking thing that we’ve seen over and over again.”

Well, f-ck it then! Let’s do it! Someone get the Warner Bros. on the line.

We all know Kevin Smith would never actually make a Batman film, so never fear, Smith haters. But, would you be interested in his vision or any of his ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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