Killer Sofa | 50 B-Movies To See Before You Die

B-movies are the glue stuck in between all the other genres, oftentimes refusing to conform to any particular genre presets. Some but not all of the hallmarks of a B-movie include scripts that read like they were written by a room full of eighth graders, poor visual effects, cringe inducing dialogue, low budget production design, and zany plot contrivances. You’re aware of the hallmarks, right? B-movies often reek of amateur flair. Thought you were about to watch a great white shark hunted in dramatic fashion like only Steven Spielberg can deliver? Nope, this is Sharknado.

Why do we love B-movies? I think B-movies are comforting. You know what you’re about to watch is bad. If you’re fortunate it may be so bad that it’s good. You’ll often scratch your head trying to work out the plot. Out of the many good films you’ve seen, I bet you can talk with more vigor about the worst ones you’ve seen. They’re unforgettable. There’s something comforting about that I think. Besides they’ve been around just as long as the movie industry.

Believe it or not, chances are there’s a B-movie for you. So I compiled a list of 50 B movies you must see before you die. No decade is off-limits. No rating is too taboo. For the next 49 weeks, I will introduce and recommend a B-movie for your viewing pleasure. Yes, these are exciting times indeed my fanatical friends.


This week’s entry on the list is a fairly recent entry to the B-movie genre. It comes to us by way of the land of the Orcs, Hobbits, and Wizards. Yes, that beautiful land of New Zealand. Killer Sofa was directed by Bernie Rao. Shot on location in New Zealand, and released in 2018, Killer Sofa is certainly a B movie you need to see. Why, might you ask? Because it’s a film called Killer Sofa and, true to its word, it does not hold back on the sofa killings.

Wait? What? Yes, the sofa in Killer Sofa is possessed. Imagine if Jobe Smith in Lawnmower Man possessed a piece of your living room set instead of the lawnmower. You can imagine that it would be much more frightening, not to mention hilarious, in all the right ways. Any film with a demon — excuse me, dybbuk-possessed — piece of furniture that goes around killing people is worth seeing. You will marvel at this masterpiece of modern B movie filmmaking.

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Wait until you see the sofa dispose of a body. By that point in the film, you will be very deep into the woods of B movies. Here is a synopsis for you to read here.

“Two detectives find themselves battling their own demons when a girl enchants a killer reclining chair that begins committing crimes of passion.” With a cast full of New Zealanders and Jim Baltaxe, who is a former New Yorker that has relocated to New Zealand and snagged a small role in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit series. With that being said, I highly recommend you track down a copy of Killer Sofa. The film is well made and you must see it before you die.

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