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Matthew Vaughn is a filmmaker that has gone on to make quite the name for himself as a quality storyteller. The only critical disappointment in his career thus far came in the form of this year’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Sure, the film wasn’t the greatest, but that hasn’t gotten fans any less enthusiastic about what the man can bring to the medium in the future.

One franchise fans would love to see him lend his talents to is the DC Universe. Not too long ago, he was rumored to be on the shortlist to direct Man of Steel 2. But does he have any interest?

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Speaking with IGN, he reveals that not only is he interested in taking on a DC film, but that he’s had some talks with DC Films:

“I do love the world of DC, and I’ve been talking to them at the moment about a few things.”

But what are some of the reasons why he’d love to take on DC? Surprisingly enough, he isn’t all that interested in inserting himself into a thriving franchise — and as such an MCU Matthew Vaughn film seems likely. Here’s what he said:

“It’s more fun getting involved with franchises when they’re on the down, because then it’s easier to make a good film. So if I got involved with a few of the superhero films out there that have been disappointing, it’s going to be… if I do OK, it’ll probably be better.

“So when I did X-Men there was, you know, a pretty low bar – X-Men 3, no offense, was not a fantastic piece of work. It’s much more fun saving and reinventing something – I’d be more intimidated trying to do a new Guardians [of the Galaxy], for example.”

We can’t quite blame him. Plus when working to reinvent something, you’re likely given a lot more freedom, as you’re not working to stay in line with what’s come before.

What do you think of Vaughn’s comments? Which DC property would you like to see him take on? Let us know down below!

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