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Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has hit theaters, and with it, $450 million worth of audiences have seen the film. With that in mind, there’s still a whole lot of people processing the film, and some may still be wondering what the end of the film means for the franchise going forward.

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Why did we see the stableboy use the Force at the very end of the film? Does that mean we’ll be seeing him return down the line, or is it something more abstract? Speaking with CinemaBlend, director Rian Johnson discussed his intent.

“First and foremost, that scene and the stable kids were about, for me, Luke’s journey and about the final act that Luke does, and showing at the end of the movie that it wasn’t just about saving 20 people in the cave, but that it was about taking on the mantle of the legend of Luke Skywalker so that that would then spread through the galaxy and reignite the hope, and the underclass would start to rise again. And so, showing the kid with the… showing THAT through the stable boy at the end, that was the real intent of the scene. And yeah, just the little hint of… there is more out there.”

So there you have it. when all said and done, it’s more of a symbol than anything else, which is actually the right way to go with this. Star Wars has always been jam-packed with more coincidences than we’re comfortable with, and allowing the idea of something to take center stage, rather than an actual something, is refreshing and much more in keeping with the film’s overall message.

What do you think of that last scene? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend

  • JZC

    I love it how THEY try to add some mystical symbolism when in reality it was no more than a bizarre toy commercial. Seriously, the ending is so off tone and marketing-self-aware that it may as well include logos for Target.

    I mean, at the end it is Disney..and that is great..but in this case it was very on the nose.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Do you know why the Resistance don’t have a Walmart? Because there are targets on all of their ships.

      • Weresmurf


    • 2 Left Thumbs

      Do you mean the whole movie was a toy commercial, or a particular part? I assume you don’t mean the ending. Nobody is going to go by a toy of “Force-using stable boy”, or a toy of “Broom that is lightsaber shaped”

      • JZC

        I mean Star Wars as is has always been about toys, which is fine. It i sjust the last few minutes that really felt they were manufactured by an ad agency.

  • Jack Shannon

    I think anyone who held Luke Skywalker in their hand as a child and created their own adventures with him feels a slight betrayal with the ending.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      You said it Baby.

      • Weresmurf

        You could almost say it was.. kindofabigdeal…

    • Mike_Petro

      How so?

      • Jack Shannon

        I actually was kind of off topic i was actually referring to how it ended with Luke joining the force or whatever. I wanted to see him come barrel rolling out of the sky in his x-wing blow up all the at-ats hop out pull out his green lightsaber fight a ton of guys start beating up Ben Solo, about to kill him but sees his sister and Rey then sacrifices himself to the force out of guilt, then just as they all panic you hear his voice say “Run Rey run!”

        • SaiyanHeretic

          If I were writing TLJ, I would have also given Luke a big damn hero moment, which is exactly why they were right to not do that. Just feeding the fans what they want and expect is a surefire way to kill a franchise, because that is a hunger which can never be satisfied. Luke got to go out on a high note, feeding into the legend of the Jedi, but the truth of the situation is bittersweet and that makes it more emotionally honest.

    • M@rvel

      I understood why they ended Luke’s journey the way they did. That being said…. it still broke my heart.

  • Brafdorf

    I don’t know why anyone needs this explained?
    The scene is really obvious.

    It felt a little off though because the movie had multiple endings stitched together

  • Dakkar

    Wait a minute—are you saying the stable boy wasn’t the last Jedi?

  • SaiyanHeretic

    That last scene is literally the thesis statement of the entire movie. #BroomBoyStrong

  • Rad4Cap

    “the underclass would start to rise again”

    Excuse me? The “underclass”? Is THAT who Rian thinks ‘rose’ against the Empire? Really?

    No wonder this film was a MESS.

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