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Shared universes, man. They’re both a blessing and a curse. Look to a film like Captain America: Civil War, and they’re a blessing, but look to a film like Iron Man 2, and they’re a curse. Balancing the integrity of a standalone story with the world-building of an entire universe is a delicate art, and one that’s almost impossible not to get wrong. Marvel had a couple of stumbles, and DC is still trying to make things work.

However, if there is one universe that seems to be getting things right from the get-go, that’s the King Kong/Godzilla universe. Love or hate the human scenes, Godzilla was ultimately a successful film in how it re-introduced the Japanese monster to Western audiences. It was a mostly positive experience, and Warner Bros and Legendary knew they’d be onto something if they also allowed King Kong to play in that sandbox. 

Next month’s Kong: Skull Island will be the second film to take place in this universe, and while it would be easy to lay the connections on real thick, they seem to be focusing first and foremost on making the movie a solid King Kong film. We’ve seen what happens when studios rush to make payoffs, but based on what we’ve seen of Kong thus far, it seems they’re trying their best to let the audience understand the importance and gravitas of Kong.

That being said, there are still some connections. In this film’s case, the organization — Monarch — in 2014’s Godzilla is the same one that’s sending our heroes to Skull Island in the Kong movie. It’s a minor connection, but one that will undoubtedly play out between all the movies. Now, Yahoo! has released a clip of the film that shows that very connection.

Check it out below!

As you saw in the clip, the Monarch folks weren’t upfront about the whole Kong thing. This will lead to a crazy cool tension that’s sure to add some meaty conflict to a film already thriving with it. If nothing else, we’re sure the importance of Monarch is something that’ll play out in the movie’s post-credits scene, laying the groundwork for the next Godzilla film. 

Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe before it, Warner and Legendary are taking their time in building up this world, and when Kong and Godzilla finally clash in the eventual movie (likely to come in 2021), it’ll be that much sweeter.

What do you think of this clip? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters on March 10, 2017.

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SOURCE: Yahoo!

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