– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I’ll be the first to admit that the first trailer for Tomb Raider wasn’t too hot. The video game reboot on which it is based was grounded and serious (if you can ignore the inhuman leaps she makes in gameplay), and the tone for the trailer seemed more focused than ever on the action — the stuff audiences from the early 2000s were pretty much sold on in the Angelina Jolie franchise.

However, to sell it to someone like me, you’d need to really have to capitalize on the survival aspect, and her need to rise to the terrible circumstances she’s in. In this latest trailer, I think the marketers have found a much better balance between that and action.

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The first half of the new Tomb Raider trailer really capitalizes on her missing her father, and looking into the legacy he left behind. She goes to an island in search of answers and finds a band of men who threaten to bring forth a genocide of sorts. The premise itself is a bit ridiculous, but how they paint Lara Croft as a surviving underdog was chillingly awesome.

If this new trailer is more representative of what we can expect from this new film, then I think Warner Bros. may actually have something of a winner here. However, if it’s more in line with what we got in that first trailer, this may be yet another notch in the belt of “horrible video game adaptations.”

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SOURCE: Warner Bros. UK

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