– by Joseph Jammer Medina

“Highway To The Danger Zone”

Legends of Tomorrow has become one of my top three favorite shows this season.  Transitioning to this season you could tell the writers and producers listened to their audience and focused on the elements of the show that worked.  Compromised was a great example of everything that works with this show.  Time Traveling to a period of time that is relevant and incorporating references that a majority of the audience knows really well.  While the actual reason for the team to travel to the 1980’s still remains a mystery this episode did not disappoint.  Here are the three takeaways I took from last nights episode.

1.       Traveling to the 1980’s was the best time period so far the team has been too.  All of the 80’s references were on point from the music choice of Kenny Loggins “Danger Zone” and Cutting Crew’s Classic “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight”, the slow montage of the team walking into the White House Dinner, the costumes including the reference of shoulder pads, a secret hideout in a warehouse, and the classic 80’s stakeout with Mick and Ray.   Some of the complaints that fans had from Season 1 was the lack of pop culture references from the different time periods.  The tone of the show has changed as well from last season being very serious with its references from the time periods the team traveled went to.  This season the writers are having more fun with the storylines from zombies in the Civil War, Yoda being a great Samurai Master, Albert Einstein being a ladies man.  Although this episode was written months ago it would’ve have been a funny to see a young Donald Trump at the White House Steak Dinner.

2.       It looks like Barry’s Flashpoint has influenced Eobard Thawne to have a bigger mission than destroying Barry’s life.  While Flashpoint was a major disappointment to me on The Flash it seems that we may not have seen all the effects of that storyline yet.  Using the likes of Damien Darhk to help his mission makes it seem that Eobard is creating a super-team of villains to start a war that was mentioned in the message from Barry to Rip Hunter.  While Damien Darhk by himself didn’t really work on Arrow last season, his character seems to fit better on this show as well as teaming up with Eobard.  While it seemed Sarah finally got her revenge by instead of killing him, she tells Damien that his grand plan to create the Ark ends up failing may prove to be a terrible mistake.  With the knowledge Damien has it seems that he is changing course on his plans and going to join Eobard in his master-plans.  Although I doubt this will affect the timeline to much on the other shows, a theory that could be made is that if Damien ends his crusade against Star City then maybe it will save Laurel Lance from dying.  I don’t think that this will come to fruition since the effects of Flahshpoint didn’t really expand to the other shows.  Out of all the villains on the DC shows this season Reverse Flash continues to be the best followed by Prometheus right now.

3.       The team still has no remorse about exposing themselves in whatever time period they travel too.  Without Rip to guide the team and be the voice of reason when traveling back in time the team is left to defend themselves the best way they know.  With Sarah now leading the team we have seen a new tactic of break the rules first and then ask for forgiveness.  By taking this new approach this season we have seen more of the actual superhero team up than what we saw last season of a long build-up to the end of the episode.  I personally enjoy the new style the show has taken this season because it allows the writers to expose the partnerships more this way.  Especially the partnership of Ray and Mick which has become my favorite thing about this show.  If Legends doesn’t make it to Season 3 then someone better create a show with Brandon Routh and Dominic Purcell fast.

Overall this was my favorite episode of both seasons so far.  It had the right amount of superhero action, use of villains, and great pop culture references.  What was once the third wheel of the party last season, this show has become its own entity without having to lean on Arrow or The Flash. In three weeks we will be getting the 4 part cross-over story with Legends bringing up the anchor.  I have no doubt in my mind that the finale of the cross-over story won’t disappoint.  

Joseph Jammer Medina is an author, podcaster, and editor-in-chief of LRM. A graduate of Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Television, Jammer's always had a craving for stories. From movies, television, and web content to books, anime, and manga, he's always been something of a story junkie.