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Well, you can file this under, “uh…okay, then.”

It looks like Hollywood is going back to the well yet again. But this time, it won’t be going for a superhero property. Instead, it sounds like they’ll be delving back into the era of animated sitcoms. According to TVLine, Warner Bros. is looking to resuscitate The Jetsons — an animated series about a family living in a futuristic cloud city-esque city known as Orbit City. 

Like with any reboot, however, it sounds like this one won’t be a flat-out remake. According to the outlet’s sources, this one will be a live-action sitcom. The studio will begin shopping around the multi-cam series to networks in the coming weeks. Set to executive produce the series is Family Guy EP Gary Janetti, but he wont’ be alone. Joining him in the EP role will be Hollywood heavyweight Robert Zemeckis, as well as Jack Rapke.

We have to wonder how they plan on making the tone for this show. Will it have the same family friendly aspect of the original, or will it be aged up to better fit the normal demographic for multi-cam sitcoms? Also, we’re curious as to what the production design of the film will look like. Given the budget for shows like that, you can imagine they’d be going for kind of a campy look, right?

One cool thing is that the original show was set in 2062 — 100 years from when the show was airing — and it looks like they’ll be continuing that tradition by having the show take place in 2118. After all, we already know there’s little possibility that our 2062 will look remotely like The Jetsons. Maybe another 100 years will do the trick.

What do you think of this? Are you skeptical, or just dismissive over this idea? Let us know down below.

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