– by Joseph Jammer Medina

On Thursday, we learned the news that Warner Bros. was looking to Michael Bay in hopes that he would be up for directing a standalone Lobo film. However, as it stands, Bay gave the studio some notes, and the studio has sent away writer Jason Fuchs to enact those changes.

Should this new script actually strike a chord with Bay, he could be up to direct…but what is he hoping to get from this rewrite.

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When we think of Michael Bay, we think of big-budget extravaganzas — of explosions and low, smooth shots that swing around our protagonist. We think of CG up the wazoo, and pretty much everything that is considered stereotypical Hollywood. As such, it would be easy to assume that Bay is looking to amp things up for the film.

But is he? According to THR, it’s the exact opposite. The outlet states that the film as written could cost around $200 million to produce. However, Bay isn’t super stoked to direct a version of Lobo that costs this much loot. The notes he gave the studio were actually an effort to scale down the project.

So how small could the project be? As much as we think of Bay as a big budget director, he’s no idiot. Lobo is a relatively niche character, and he likely knows that in order to capture his essence without having to break $1 billion in order to break even, it’s probably best to aim at around $100 million. But, of course, that’s just speculation, as there is currently no indication of how much he hopes to spend.

Does this news make you feel any better about Bay taking on the Lobo film? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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