– by Joseph Jammer Medina

During last year’s E3, Nintendo released a new Nintendo Direct video, and in it, they released a 43-second teaser. The teaser really was nothing. It was mostly darkness, with some nebulous space stuff flying around, ultimately making Samus’ logo. This was all set to the Metroid Prime theme, and before long, a “4” emerged from the darkness, and the title card Metroid Prime 4 came into frame.

The logo itself left much to be desired, but the point wasn’t the logo, but the intent behind it. After years of the Metroid franchise being all but abandoned by Nintendo, they would be making another home console entry for fans to enjoy. But when could we expect it, and who would be working on it?

A couple days ago, rumors swirled that Bandai-Namco would be doing the honors. These rumors began after job descriptions were spotted on LinkedIn…but was it true? Well, one outlet thinks so.

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Eurogamer claims that multiple sources have confirmed that Bandai-Namco Studios Singapore is indeed hard at work on Metroid Prime 4. This may disappoint some fans who were hoping that Retro Studios would be going back to the series that put them on the map, but when all said and done, this only means that Retro will be working on something wholly new.

So when could we expect the new game to hit? Sadly, the game is early in development, meaning that a 2018 release is unlikely (heck, if it’s this early on, I’d think a 2019 release would even be unlikely).

What do you think of this? Do you think Bandai-Namco is the right company? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Eurogamer

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