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One of the beautiful things about taking care of yourself- and of being known for your chrome dome- is the fact that you can practically be considered ageless. Such is the case when it comes to Patrick Stewart, who has spent many years in the limelight and has seemingly only aged a quarter of them. That, however, won’t be the case when Logan comes out next year. The third standalone Wolverine movie will feature an older, more worn out Professor Charles Xavier than we’ve ever seen before.

Director James Mangold (3:10 To Yuma, The Wolverine) has just tweeted this haunting image of Patrick Stewart as Professor X:

Stewart has been playing Xavier for 16 years, and this will be the first time we’ve seen him look anything like this. The wispy hair, the age spots, the sunken skin, and the deep, untouched wrinkles. It’s clear Mangold wants us to know that the Professor X we’ll see in Logan is broken down. 

So it looks like Stewart’s Xavier will be almost as big of a mess as Hugh Jackman’s Logan will be, based on what we learned about Wolverine in yesterday’s news.

It looks like Mangold is going to go the Zack Snyder route and release moody stills from the production of Logan as he edits the film leading up to its March 3 release. So keep it right here as we’ll share every bit that’s thrown at us with you.

SOURCE: Twitter