– by Joseph Jammer Medina

DISCLAIMER: This post contains spoilers for the film Logan.

A fan thought he made a huge discovery when he noticed that Yukio (from The Wolverine, played by Rila Fukushima) gave Wolverine his death scenario using her precognitive powers, and was able to connect this with Logan. Now keep in mind, her only ability is to see when a person dies. Armed with this knowledge, lets check out the exchange between James Mangold (director of The Wolverine and Logan) and the fan.

Mangold also says, “Well done, Maurice,” to the fan. Basically, as I said, Yukio is a precog and in foretelling his death describes Logan’s scenario as, “I see you on your back. You’re holding your own heart, there’s blood everywhere.” If you watched The Wolverine, you know this exact scenario occurs, Logan dies for a few seconds, on his back, and has to reach into his chest to pull the contraption attached to his heart which was canceling his healing factor.

In Logan, when he dies impaled on a tree trunk, one could say he was metaphorically holding his heart, as he held hands with X-23, which is technically a clone of Wolverine, or as he comes to think of as his daughter.

So the assumption being made was that this prophecy from The Wolverine was planned for Logan. Here is the problem, Yukio can ONLY foresee a person’s death. During the scene in The Wolverine, right before his self-surgery she says this, “I saw you dying in a room like this with your heart in your hand.”

It is safe to say that in Logan, he did not die in a room like that, but outside in the wilderness instead. While I can buy that Mr. Mangold was inspired by this, it most certainly was not planned since The Wolverine, since her prophecy came true already. Nice try.

What do you guys think? Did Mangold have this planned the whole time, is he trying to make the fan feel good about himself, or is he taking credit in an attempt to look “ahead of the game.” Let’s hear it from you! 

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