– by Joseph Jammer Medina

A couple days back, Collider reported that 20th Century Fox’s latest superhero outing, Logan, would indeed have a post-credits sequence. While the version critics screened did not have one, they were adamant that there would be a post-credits sequence once the flick hit theaters. Given the trend in superhero movies to have post-credits scenes — and to pull them for critics screenings — this didn’t seem too farfetched of an idea. So Logan has a post-credits sequence, right?

Not so fast. Logan director James Mangold has since gone on Twitter stating that the film has no post-credits scenes, despite the reports.

Additionally, Collider has updated their post-credits scoop piece. After discussing it with their sources more, they learned that, as initially believed, there is no post-credits or mid-credits scene.

That being said,audiences shouldn’t go into the film thinking they won’t get any goodies. The outlet continues, stating that the film will still have “something cool for the fans.” It won’t be after the credits, but may, in fact, be before the movie even begins.

We’re honestly not too sure what to make of that comment. Will Logan actually have a pre-credits scene? If so, what will that scene consist of? Logan is a movie that takes place in the near future, so perhaps its prologue or pre-credits scene could simply point to some event that happened earlier in the timeline that better connects to the X-Men films, which by and large, take place in the past?

Although it is a minor disappointment that we won’t be seeing a post-credits scene — as they’ve been a staple of these comic book movies for some time now — it seems to be fitting of the material. Logan is a more down-and-dirty grounded picture that stands all too well on its own. Although it does take place in some form of the X-Men universe, its so detached that any connection with the others would feel false.

What do you think of this confirmation? Are you disappointed that there will be no post-credits scene? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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SOURCE: Collider, James Mangold (via Twitter)

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