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Last week, we saw the CW debut of Supergirl, a series that premiered last year on CBS. There was a bit riding on this. Could the show maintain its momentum following the transition between networks, as well as its move from Los Angeles to Vancouver? The answer was a resounding yes. Despite a few set changes, Supergirl‘s premiere kept all the fun, enthusiasm, and heart of Season 1, and the addition of a boyscout version of Superman didn’t hurt things much, either. 

But while I expected change to be on the way for the first episode of the new season, I hadn’t anticipated all the coming change to be on the way in the second episode. For starters, it looks like Cat Grant will be leaving the show. Apparently I’ve been living under a rock, because it looks like actress Calista Flockhart has had to take a reduced role in the show thanks to that international move of its production. I suppose this should’ve been fairly obvious, as her and Kara have gotten pretty darn chummy over the last few episodes, and while that’s great and rewarding for the end of a show, it’s difficult to have an absence of conflict in a show with no foreseeable end in sight.

As such, the show saw fit to replace Cat as the cold, hard boss with Snapper Carr, the seasoned editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine who will be the next nut for Kara to crack with kindness. Of course, Cat leaving the show as a regular (she’ll likely be back in some capacity when the story calls for it) has definitely left a bit of a hole in my heart. Her dynamic with Kara was heartwarming, but her sendoff was pretty great, and with it, I think the baton has been officially passed to Snapper. My only concern is that I hope they don’t retread too much of the same ground they did with Kara and Cat. This has to be a new relationship, not just a continuation of the old one.

Kara says goodbye to Cat Grant in this episode, for better or worse.

Kara says goodbye to Cat Grant in this episode, for better or worse.

Also notably absent (save for one scene at the end) was James Olsen, who was promoted to Cat’s old job, and will thus be commandeering her gigantic office for the foreseeable future. while there wasn’t a whole lot for him to do this episode, I do look forward to seeing his journey to becoming The Guardian. His inadequacy issues is something that has permeated the character since the first episode of the first season, and his role as the Guardian seems to be a natural extension of that. I just hope it doesn’t get too annoying.

As far as the main plot for the episode goes…it was okay. Just short of solid in my mind. The whole Kryptonite angle with this new villain makes sense, but the fighting in this one certainly came across as a bit silly and weird. Kryptonite has been something I’ve absolutely hated in all Superman lore, and I really hope they limit its usage in the future (though I don’t expect this to be the case).

All in all, the episode did a pretty solid job of incorporated big changes in the format, while making sure the comforting, familiar tone was still present and accounted for. If you’re already on board with the show, this one won’t change your mind — though it may mildly concern you in some of you who don’t like change in their weekly TV shows. If Episode 1 of the season was meant to ensure that everything would be okay on the CW, Episode 2 was meant to undercut that by incorporating these “soft-reboot” changes that would’ve been more concerning in a first episode. I, for one, usually embrace change in serialized storytelling, and yet, losing Cat seems to be one step too far in my mind. I just hope that they’re able to sufficiently fill the storytelling void. Kara needs a mentor, and I hope Snapper does an okay job with that.

Grade: B

What did you think of the changes brought about by this week’s episode? Are you sad to see both Superman and Cat Grant hit the road? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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