– by Joseph Jammer Medina


Not very long ago, Hugh Jackman reigned supreme as “The Face of The X-Men.” Having played Logan/Wolverine in several films, dating back to 2000, he was typically front-and-center for the proper X-Men movies. Yes, he was the hottest mutant in town for 1.5 decades…until 2016. Earlier this year, Deadpool came out and instantly catapulted Ryan Reynolds’ wisecracking Wade Wilson to the #1 spot on the mutant pecking order. 

Part of what made Deadpool such a hit was the playful, unconventional promotional campaign for it. Reynolds was a merry clown as he made appearances on various media outlets in-character as Deadpool, and his acid tongue became a huge draw for the relatively low-budget, R-rated superhero flick. Jackman was a huge supporter of the Deadpool project, and he didn’t mind having a target put on his back for Reynolds to take aim at- both in viral videos and in the movie itself. 

Jackman is now taking a page out of Deadpool‘s book to help promote his swan song as Wolverine, Logan.

Reynolds was just honored with his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Jackman has responded to this joyous news by mocking the hell out of him in this twitter video:

Jackman is a smart business man, and he saw what Deadpool did earlier this year. The film, which was groundbreaking in the way it skewered the comic book genre and was loaded with the kind of vulgarity and violence that most films in the genre can only dream of, did amazing numbers and was a runaway hit. Jackman’s Logan is going to be similarly unconventional. It’ll be the first time he’s played Wolverine in a rated-R movie, it’s throwing away the glossy veneer of his previous X-Men movies, and looks more like a hardboiled, gritty, modern day western than it does your typical superhero flick.

So it makes sense that he’d want to remind people of the risqué Deadpool while promoting Logan.

SOURCE: Twitter

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