– by Campbell Clark

We now know after SDCC this year and Marvel’s big reveal of Phase 4, that Loki will center on the version of the character that escaped with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame. That’s about all we know about the show for now though, so what the hell would this version of Loki get up to? The character is very much still in villain mode by this point in his arc, so it makes sense he’d be trying to serve his own interests in the show, at least to begin with.

Well, according to MCU Cosmic, sources have told the scoop site that Loki will deal with the God of Mischief altering historical events on Earth to his own ends. We have seen some concept art of Loki walking the streets of New York circa the 1970s, so this does make sense. From what we know about the Tesseract it seems to be able to warp space, and if you know layman physics, space and time are basically the same thing. Could Loki be using the device to not only travel to different locations, but different times?


The source outlet speculates on an MCU version of Quantum Leap, with Loki breaking instead of fixing things. They also speculate that Loki could be creating multiple alternate universes which could come up down the line with Marvel’s Multiverse. Loki is set to be aired around the same time as WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, both of which should deal with the Multiverse heavily.

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However, I’d have to guess that Loki without the influence of his other self’s experiences, will still arc towards doing good eventually, even if it pains him to do so. What could begin as Loki attempting to subvert historical events for his own aims, could result in him having to fix problems he created. I guess we shall have to wait until we get more information. Loki is set to start casting shortly (lead role aside), so perhaps we will get more info the closer it gets to the production start date?

Does this sound up your street, do you like the idea of a Loki centric Quantum Leap? Ziggy says the chances of you not leaving a comment are 87.6%, so bust his AI ass and leave one anyway.

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