– by Nick Doll

If you Arrested Development and Star Wars are two of your favorite things, then do I have the ultimate video for you!

Seriously, one of the best videos ever… for me at least.

Take a watch below, and let this satisfy your Arrested Development craving until Friday’s release on Netflix of the Remix of Season 4.


It’s amazing to me, someone who watched Arrested Development when it aired, from the pilot onward, over a decade ago, that the show is popular enough to be featured in a video from The Star Wars Show from Star Wars’ Youtube channel. Sure, that isn’t the widest audience, but Disney still realized what they had, the narrator of a cult classic, now a director of a film that would benefit from even Arrested Development’s audience.

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The jokes aren’t top notch — there is no way this was written by Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz — but it’s funny all the same, mainly reusing jokes and gags from the series, including the same baseball photo representing reaching a certain “base.” Still, as a fan of both Star Wars and Arrested Development, I loved it, especially the flashbacks to the prequels. Catching someone in a lie via past footage is one of my favorite gags from Arrested Development.

So, I guess…the prequels are good for something.

And that is exactly how you do product placement with Solo: A Star Wars Story, Mr. Ron Howard.

Did you love the above video? If not, what’s wrong with you? (You need to watch Arrested Development and/or Star Wars, that’s what.) Let us know in the comments below!

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