– by Shockey

San Diego Comic Con may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the great things it had to offer.  For those who have ever been to Comic Con know that a big draw for the weekend are all the exclusives that attendees race after.  Some of the most sought after exclusives at Comic Con every year are the different figures Hasbro has to offer.  This year was no different with Hasbro bringing a variety of Star Wars, Marvel, and Transformers figures that were highly sought after.

For those who have never attended Comic Con, or don’t know how difficult it is to get these exclusively, it is an long and extensive process.  Attendees that wanted a chance to purchase exclusive items had to spend the night prior outside the convention center in line for a ticket to allow them to shop at the certain booth they waited for.  Once the attendees received their ticket to attend the booth then they had to wait in a line that took up to two hours to purchase the exclusives they wanted.  Getting a ticket did not guarantee that attendees would be able to purchase the exclusives they wanted with most of them being sold out by early afternoon.

If you attended Comic Con and didn’t get an opportunity to visit the Hasbro booth, or if you didn’t make it to Comic Con this year and wanted some of the Hasbro exclusives, then you are in luck!  LRM is giving away some of the exclusive items Hasbro had to offer at this years Comic Con.  In order to get a chance for any of these items you will need to check in daily for the different exclusives that we will be giving away.  Listed below are the items we will be offering and which day the submission forms will be available.

Monday: Star Wars Black Series Jedi Master Luke and Jedi in Training Rey Combo

Tuesday: Marvel Legends Daredevil Action Figure

Wednesday: Transformers The Last Knight Optimus Prime

Thursday: Star Wars Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn in Special Packaging

Friday: Tranformers Primitive Optimus Prime Special Edition