– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Next year will see director Dave Wilson behind the camera of the Vin Diesel-starring superhero picture Bloodshot. It will make his directorial debut in an increasingly competitive and blockbuster-laden industry, but that’s not to say the man is woefully unprepared for the job. Like Deadpool director and friend Tim Miller, Wilson has spent years in the VFX industry, honing his skills that could be carried over to his directing experience.

I had a chance to sit down with Wilson — along with The Comic Source host Jace Milam — to discuss his work on Bloodshot, and in the midst of our 40-minute discussion, Jace asked him how his work at Blur Studios prepared him for what came during the production of the film.

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“You build a crew around you — your DP, your production designer, your line producer, your set designers, art directors, stunt coordinators, VFX supervisors, and all these people that are going to help you make this film — and you get them all in the room with you. Then you elicit their opinions all throughout the process. And this came from Blur Studios. You need to leave people enough freedom to make it their own. 

“There’s this thematic element in Bloodshot. It’s the illusion of choice in a technologically-advanced society. And I feel like people are invested in something when they feel like they personally have agency in the final product. When they feel like, ‘I can make a difference here.’ If you’re just telling them to push buttons, there’s nothing left for them to do, right? And that came from Blur, and seeing that the best I can get out of my teams in that situation was always to very clearly illustrate what I wanted to do and then leave them enough to make it theirs too, because I feel like that’s when everything works the best…That to me was, by far, above how to frame and how to light and where to move, and all those things. Those are all small things. To me, it’s the people that makes films great, so the more you get people invested [the better].”

“I did this presentation for Bloodshot, because I wanted to be hyper clear about my vision and I wanted people to get excited about it. I filmed myself It was the same presentation I gave Tom Rothman, who runs Sony…it was this little 15-minute presentation that had concept art and themes, and everything like that. And I sent it to everybody that came onto the movie, and from there, expecting them to be like, ‘that’s the worst version of the movie.’ [And then I’m like,] ‘Now help me make it better.’ That was the thing I think I’d be doing at Blur that I took with me.”

It’s certainly pretty sound philosophy. Marvel Studios thrives off the collaboration process of filmmaking, and even auteurs like Quentin Tarantino have stated in the past that the reason they’re able to execute the visions they have is because they hire the best people possible to get the job they want done — that way, they can focus solely on the big-picture-vision of the project.

Bloodshot hits theaters in February 2020!

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