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Image via Marvel/Netflix

Image via Marvel/Netflix

It’s not much of an understatement to say that Marvel’s Netflix shows have been big hits. Sure, we may not have specific stats, but the fact that they’ve trudged forth with shows like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage — and continue to trudge forth with The Defenders, Iron Fist, and The Punisher — after the initial release of Daredevil Season 1 shows that they’re reaching an audience. What’s more is that each of these shows so far has been a success in storytelling. Where Marvel Studios is mastering the art of spectacle, Marvel Television and Netflix are mastering more meditative, character-driven stories.

But which of these series have done the best for Marvel and the streaming service? While we can’t necessarily give you a figure overall since 2015, Symphony Advanced Media reported today (via Observer) that Luke Cage is the big winner for Marvel and Netflix, outperforming Season 2 of Daredevil, another amazing series in its own right. The estimates from Symphony AM show that Luke Cage even opened stronger than Making a Murderer and Stranger Things, two other shows that have become a big part of mainstream pop culture in the past year (though it’s important to note that it didn’t outperform those shows over the course of its first month). With all this in mind, it seems like a Season 2 would be in the bag — but we’ll have to see if Marvel TV will opt to change things up with a Heroes for Hire series instead of a Season 2 of Luke Cage.

Here’s a look at the statistics based on ages 18-49 demographic. These numbers represent the percentage of viewers in that age group who are watching each series in an average minute 32 days following each respective release:

  • Stranger Things: 9.81
  • Making a Murderer: 9.1
  • Luke Cage: 6.34
  • Daredevil: 5.94

So how do these numbers compare to all the other Netflix originals? Unfortunately, we don’t have the stats for that, but we do know that Orange is the New Black and Fuller House are the two best performers of 2016. That’s right. Fuller House is the second best show on Netflix in 2016 according to Symphony AM. Color me surprised. No, really. I’m shocked.

What isn’t shocking, however, is that Luke Cage was a hit. If you were like me, you tried your best to watch the show its opening weekend, but failed miserably. Why? Because Luke Cage crashed Netflix. So many people wanted to watch it that it crashed the world’s streaming service leader. Sure, it may have lagged behind shows like Stranger Things and Making a Murderer after its initial week, but that’s not bad company to be in.

Regardless, it sounds like we can expect a whole lot more of the Luke Cage characters in the coming years. Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the film front, it seems like we’re just getting started with these ground-level supers.

What did you think of Luke Cage? Did it deserve to do better than the likes of Daredevil? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCES: Symphonic Advanced Media (via Observer)

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