– by Seth McDonald

We’ve had a s**tload (anyone know exactly how much that is?) of Star Wars news this week, all of it pretty normal movie news type stuff, however, this piece is going to be a little weird, at least in my opinion. Mark Hamill, took to his Twitter account to give his thoughts on what is apparently a topic of dicussion for some Star Wars fans, the sex life of Luke Skywalker.

Hamill leaves fans to their own devices, and allows Luke’s virgin status up to each person. You can check out exactly what he said below.

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Over the years, my friend and I have wondered about and debated a great many things about Luke (and other Star Wars characters) but this topic never came up. Our discussions more focused on whether or not he could do this or that with the Force, or could he out duel so-and-so, where or not Luke Skywalker was carrying aroudnhis V card was not something we were concerned about

As far as canon goes, we only seen Luke kiss one girl, his sister Leia. Of course EU Luke was married to Mara Jade, but we can’t really count that, unless of course Keri Russell is Mara Jade…

So what are you thoughts on this unusual Star Wars question? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Mark Hamill