Mandalorian Season 3 SPOILERS For Scenes In Mandalorian Mines | Barside Buzz

Mandalorian Season 3 SPOILERS For Scenes In Mandalorian Mines | Barside Buzz

You clicked this link because you want to read The Mandalorian Season 3 SPOILERS for scenes in the Mandalorian mines! If you accidentally clicked the link instead? Then I must warn against potential SPOILERS for what seems a huge scene within The Mandalorian Season 3. Therefore, be warned! There is nothing official here, just two insider outlets that we here at LRM trust provide solid information. This is a bit of a joint effort between Bespin Bulletin and Making Star Wars. Both have provided slightly different details about thew same sequence which presumably was filmed recently.

Last Warning!

A couple days ago, BB reported we’ll be seeing the mines of Mandalore in The Mandalorian Season 3. The outlet claims they saw two separate cave sets constructed at the train yard in El Segundo where Mando films.

‘One of those sets had a blue screen on the ground in front for a river. The second one featured black rock around the entrance, and black sand or dirt on the ground. There’s was also a backdrop being used featuring a mountain with snow atop of it for ones of these locations. I also revealed that Din Djarin, Grogu, The Armorer, and Paz Vizla were connected to these sets.’

More Details

Then yesterday MSW ran a report with some more details about the same scenes. Though the quote below is from BB‘s coverage, which I think tells the whole picture a little better. However MSW‘s own article is linked above. MSW also say this is all form the season finale of Mando S3!

‘MSW backs up Din, Grogu (in his IG-11 mech), The Armorer and Paz being part of these scenes, and adds that Bo-Katan Kryze and her allies are also part of these scenes. I too can say that Bo has filmed with this crew – I saw this last week. The reports adds to my cave with a blue screen set, with MSW reporting that the blue screen is for a frozen lake.’

‘The report adds that there’s an older light skinned man, and an older dark skinned man, who are heads of oppositional Mandalorian clans that reluctantly come together along with Bo-Katan and Death Watch. According to the report, the clans seemingly come together for a ceremony that takes place beneath the caves that I reported on. According to the report, a purification ceremony of sorts takes place beneath the caves and features a giant pool, an Olympic torch lighting element, and drums playing. The natural assumption of these events is the purification ritual that takes place in the mines of Mandalore that The Armorer spoke of to Din Djarin in The Book of Boba Fett once he revealed he’s removed his helmet, and others have seen his face.’

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The report from MSW adds this.

‘The Armorer hands Bo-Katan a torch, and the Mandalorians in unison begin chanting, “For Mandalore”.’

BB speculates that perhaps Bo-Katan is made ruler of Mandalore again, but I’m not so sure? I guess we will find out during Season 3?

However an extra interesting, and exciting tidbit reveals that either before or after the ceremony, a Mythosaur awakens and chases the Mandalorian’s, causing a lot of trouble and destruction, before later being brought under control. The report doesn’t specify if somebody calms and rides the beast, or if it is ultimately defeated, but the Mandalorians do take on the beast.’

‘The final tidbit the report adds is that a cave set with an imperial door was built, and behind those doors we’ll find the Praetorian Guards, and those Mandalorian inspired Stormtroopers of which helmets leaked online last week.’

All these details seem to add up to a cool episode. Given where the story has been going, this falls totally in line with any speculation I had for Season 3. Of course come showtime, this could all be one episode or scenes spread across several. I’m sure there is likely a lot of missing context here and that’s always good. I’d rather speculate on little clues than just know the plot.

Well, what do you think of The Mandalorian Season 3 SPOILERS for scenes in the Mandalorian mines? If this is the season finale, are you excited by what might be going down, and eager to know more? As always, leave any thoughts below.

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