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Guardians of the Galaxy answered a big question regarding Star-Lord — who is his father and why did he leave him? We got the answer in the form of Kurt Russell’s Ego the Living Planet, who scattered his DNA all over the galaxy, in search of an offspring who could actually help him conquer it. Clearly, the guy ended up being a maniacal megalomaniac (yes, I know that’s redundant), and Star-Lord had no choice but to kill him, but the film itself almost made another big revelation.

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Let’s turn our attention to the sweet and innocent Mantis — Ego’s assistant who ultimately sides with the Guardians and helps them defeat Ego. In the film, it’s stated that Ego found her in her larva state as an orphan. He took her in and raised her as his own. However, it looks like writer-director James Gunn originally had a different lineage in mind for her, as revealed by a social media post from actress Jennifer Sharp who stated that she was playing a scene alongside Kurt Russell as Mantis’ mom.

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So what does this mean? While it may be jumping the gun a bit, it could hint at the idea that this character could have been one of Ego’s countless lovers and that Mantis could actually be his daughter and Star-Lord’s half-sister. It’s not implausible that, while Mantis didn’t have the affinity to rule alongside him, he could still use her abilities to help him sleep, among other things.

Sadly, this scene was cut, and it looks like even if they planned on this being the case initially, it is essentially non-canonized as soon as it hit the floor.

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