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Mark Millar is a storytelling force in both Hollywood and comics, and he’s speaking-out about the massive Disney-Fox deal. Millar is a wildly successful creator who has written screenplays for for films like Wanted, Kingsman, and Kick-Ass; as a comic writer he’s authored major mini-series and franchises like The Authority, Marvel’s The Ultimates, Civil War, and Old-Man Logan (among many, many other storylines). More recently, Millar sold his Millarworld venture to Netflix, which might ultimately provide an alternative to the streaming service’s existing Marvel shows (I’m speculating here).

Interestingly, Millar was also once pegged to be Fox’s quasi-equivalent to Marvel’s Kevin Feige, overseeing the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises as a creative consultant. Millar is also no stranger to controversy, with his sometimes negative positions regarding costumed superheroes. So, it’s no surprise that he has some concerns with the Disney-Fox deal.

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According to Deadline, Millar took to Twitter to vent his thoughts, which you can see below. He makes some solid points regarding Disney’s willingness to tackle risky concepts like Deadpool or Logan — R-rated content hasn’t exactly been a historical focus for the media giant. However, Feige’s MCU was in its very early stages when Disney acquired Marvel, and they stuck with his vision, so let’s not get too carried away with our fears and worries, yet.

The larger issue, if you read between the lines, is the sudden embarassment of riches for Disney. Consider that Disney already owns December 2017 (CoCo and The Last Jedi), and given the addition of Avatar, X-Men, and the Fantastic 4 franchises to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Incredibles, The Avengers, etc.

It’s conceivable that a new Disney film could be hitting theaters every other week of the year in the near future — we’re not far from that now! The consequence is either too much Disney product in the pipeline, which creates audience fatigue, or fewer fringe projects, which creates new audiences. (Guardians of the Galaxy was once considered a huge risk for Marvel — would such a minor property even be developed under this new paradigm?)

Millar has seen and done it all within the superhero and action-adventure genres. His connection to this subject-matter and his overall genre expertise are significant, he’s definitely someone that we should be paying more attention to in the future. Whether or not Millar is correct will be revealed over time, but it’s good to raise these concerns with fans now, who collectively have proven to hold sway over (some aspects of) decision-making at studios like Fox, Marvel, and Sony when it comes to these cherished franchises.

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