– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Ever since Mark Ruffalo had his first crack at Bruce Banner in the first “Avengers” movie, fans have been excited to see what unique ways they’d use the character. After all, Hulk is a superhero who struck out not just once, but twice with mainstream audiences. As such, there was no way Marvel would risk another go at a standalone movie. But since “The Avengers,” we’ve only ever seen the character in “Iron Man 3” in the after-credits scene, and in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” There definitely seemed to be some potential gone to waste.

Rumors, of course, have been flying around about the character making his way to “Thor: Ragnarok” in a substantial way, but there’s been no official confirmation…until now.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Ruffalo confirmed his involvement in the third “Thor” movie.

“I play Dr. Bruce Banner, and occasionally I turn into a big green, mean monster.”

One does have to wonder if Ruffalo was speaking out of turn again. He said in the past that he’d be in “Civil War,” and that didn’t happen, but if his word is to be trusted, it looks like we’ll be seeing Hulk again very soon. This is a very cool pairing, and I very much look forward to seeing the dynamic between the two of them. One can hardly forget that great moment in the first “Avengers” movie, when after taking down the giant dragon alien thing, Hulk throws a sucker punch at Thor. 

Also, between Thor’s cockiness and general boarheadedness, Bruce Banner will be a great counterbalance, especially if Thor won’t have access to his usual scientific team back on Earth this time around. But that wasn’t all Ruffalo had to say.

“I am excited to keep coming back to this role. I see a lot of space for it to grow. I feel like there’s a lot of cool stuff to explore still, especially the relationship between Banner and Hulk. Hopefully, we’ll see the two of them in a scene together. That would be cool!”

Agreed, Mr. Ruffalo. While there’s been much said in the “Avengers” movies about the dynamic between Banner and Hulk, it hasn’t really been explored. The closest thing we got was a deleted scene from the Edward Norton “The Incredible Hulk,” which was similar to the scene that was mentioned in “The Avengers” when Banner said he stuck a gun in his mouth, and the “other guy” spit out a bullet.

You can check out that scene below:

Perhaps these are the types of things that get tossed to the wayside when a character isn’t a lead. It’s unlikely we’ll see a whole lot of this kind of thing in “Thor: Ragnarok” due to time constraints, but seeing this paths explored at some point would be pretty great. What do you think? Are you excited to see the ways they’ll continue exploring Banner and Hulk’s dynamic? Let us know your thoughts below!

SOURCE: The Huffington Post

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