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Mark Strong is no stranger to the DC Universe. The actor played Sinestro in the generally hated 2011 Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. Though Sinsetro acted as (mostly) a mentor to Jordan in the film, at the end he was set up to become the villainous, yellow ring wearing Sinestro we know and love from the comics.

Alas (or “Thank God!”), the sequel to Green Lantern was never made, and Mark Strong was not able to do what he does best, play the villain. But, with his co-star Ryan Reynolds finding redemption playing Deadpool for Marvel, it looks like Strong is looking to take care of his “unfinished business” with DC by agreeing to play a villain in Shazam!, Doctor Sivana.

Strong disused his decision for agreeing to play the part of Doctor Sivana with Celebretainment:

“I’m playing an evil bastard called Doctor Sivana, they are always the best characters to play, the most fun. I was Sinestro in Green Lantern which I though was a rather good film but it didn’t do what they wanted so I feel like I’ve got unfinished business in the DC world, I played a pretty evil character in that and he was meant to get even worse in the second one but that never happened but I think I’m going to get the chance to do that in Shazam!, I hope so.”

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Strong shared has his thoughts about the film itself:

“It’s a funny film, it’s about a young boy who can become a superhero but still remains a young boy so there’s elements of Big, there’s elements of Stranger Things. I think originally the comic outsold Superman in the 1940s.”

I’ve heard the Big comparison, but Stranger Things? Color me intrigued, Mr. Strong.

Are you glad Mark Strong finally gets the chance to play a full-on villain in a DC film? Or would you have cast someone else? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Celebretainment