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Image via Marvel Studios

Image via Marvel Studios

Things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have gotten big. I mean big. When you have a non-Avengers movie have more Avengers in it than an Avengers movie, you know things have reached a whole new level of insane. Though, admittedly, as great as those big moments are, I’d argue that the more interesting moments are when we have two characters interacting for an extended period of time. It’s what made Captain America: The Winter Soldier so rewarding, and it’s one of the core reasons Civil War worked (the dynamic between Cap and Tony, that is).

But, we know things are going to get much bigger before they get smaller. The second they introduced Thanos at the tail end of the first Avengers film, it was clear that things were going to get much bigger before they get smaller. So what does this mean for the MCU as a whole? Will things continue to escalate until each movie has 75 characters in it? 

Speaking with Vulture, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explained that the films following Avengers: Infinity War, will give them an opportunity focus more on specific characters:

“I think it’s possible to have more intimate movies after that, or to have more interesting, unexpected combinations of characters after that, absolutely. It never is intentionally about ‘being even bigger.’ Arguably, one of the biggest scenes we’ve ever had in a movie was the airport battle in Civil War, and there weren’t world-ending stakes in that scene, there wasn’t an asteroid smashing into a city in that scene, but there was a conflict between the characters that made you feel something. To us, it’s less about continuing to go bigger with spectacle — although in some cases, we will — and more about continuing to go deeper with those character interactions.”

As I said before, Captain America: The Winter Soldier largely succeeded (at least in my eyes) because of the great interaction between Cap and Black Widow. While the film was by no means a slow-paced one, there were enough breathing from for them to really dig into some great character moments — moments they weren’t allowed in Avengers: Age of Ultron or Civil War.

And regarding two characters Feige was looking forward to seeing interact in the future, he stated:

“There are so many, but I would say, both because of the characters and the actors who’ve created them, Doctor Strange and Tony Stark. Particularly in Infinity War and the movie after that. There are … unexpected team-ups.”

I’d personally love to see a Winter Soldier/Falcon movie. I’ve always had the opinion that the second team of Avengers got the shaft a bit, in that most of them never got their own films. As a result, in the eyes of us audience members, they weren’t really “true” Avengers, just placeholders for when the other real Avengers get back. Having a Winter Soldier/Falcon team-up movie would go a long way to help making those two feel more like real characters and legit badass Avengers.

What two characters would you like to see team up in future films? From what we’ve heard, Thor: Ragnarok will be something of a team-up picture between Thor and Hulk, so let’s pretend that base is covered. Let us know in the comments down below!

Doctor Strange hits theaters this week on November 4, 2016.

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SOURCE: Vulture

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