Marvel Producer Didn’t Get Ego From Guardians 2 – Discusses What Makes A Good Villain

Marvel producer didn't get Ego

Nate Moore, Marvel producer didn’t get Ego. Moore used Ego as an example of what he is not looking for in a Marvel villain. I guess it begs the question, who are the best and worst Marvel’s MCU villains? As always, this would be subjective to each of us and what we get from these movies as a fan. Then again, there is usually quite a lot of unity amongst fans when getting to the polar opposites of good and bad…. baddies.

First let’s hear what Nate Moore had to say when he appeared on Vanity Fair‘s Still Watching Podcast. Moore appeared alongside The Falcon and The Winter Soldier director Kari Skogland. Eventually talk turned to what makes a good Marvel villain.

“Yeah, the greatest Marvel villains are villains who have an emotional reason for what they’re doing that you and I would call reasonable. I never think it works, even as just a fan. To your point, any villain that wants to take over the world, I go ‘why?’ I can’t imagine what kind of emotional trauma causes that, but if you can really think about what is making a villain tick, and it feels like something that you and I would go like ‘Yeah, I can see that.’”

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Moore went on to give good examples for his point.

“Those are the best villains. Killmonger, really interesting, right? Because you go ‘I get it.’ Karli Morgenthau, ‘Yeah, I get it, man.’ It’s playing out our everyday lives, you know? Thanos, ‘I get it.’ They’re all rooted in issues and emotions that are of our world, I think it’s so much easier to make those characters great than villains that seem a little like…”

And some bad examples. I have to say I can think of plenty of Marvel villain’s who were worse than Ego, but here is what Moore said.

“I don’t wanna ding our own villains, but Ego, I kinda don’t get it. Like I kinda don’t get his deal. So, I think Kurt Russell is great, I think it looked fantastic, I don’t really get it emotionally. There’s nothing emotional for me to invest in and I think when we can figure out those emotional anchors are that, again, if the movie were made differently, they would be the heroes. Those are the best. Those are the best films.”

Is Ego That Bad?

Honestly, there are so many components to what makes a good villain. So if one Marvel producer didn’t get Ego, does that make him a bad villain? For a start I will say right now that Ego was a far better villain than Karli Morgenthau has been. I said last week, but the most boring aspect of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is the Flag Smashers. They really are just kids with no idea how the word works running around with superpowers because they’re ticked off. I don’t feel like we ever got to truly experience what it was like for Karli or any of her friends to make them view the world this way. If Marvel wanted us to care about Flag smashers then show us some backstory to how bad their lives have been during the Blip.

Ego may not have had a reason to do what he was doing that we could easily understand. However, he was charismatic and entertaining, something that Karli Morgenthau really isn’t. Now, if we were to add a certain Baron Zemo into the mix, then suddenly we have both sides of the coin. That’s why Zemo is rated as one of Marvel’s best villains and why Karli, nor Ego likely ever will. That being said, do we need every single villain to have reasons that we can easily identify with? Ego was a Celestial and to a Celestial other life forms are like insects that don’t matter. Are we supposed to always identify with a being such as this?

That’s one Marvel producer didn’t get Ego, but what do us fans think? Is Moore right with his villain analysis or not? Do you agree with me that so far Ego remains a better villain than Karly Morgenthau? Leave any thoughts below.


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