– by Campbell Clark

There was a rumor flying about this past week that Marvel Studios were looking to make a limited series for Disney Play based on Nick Fury. This did leave a few people scratching heads, because Nick is already having his backstory developed a little in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.

We didn’t report on it, because frankly there was no real source to speak of that we could identify. However the buzz about this has seen Slash Film post on Twitter to say their own source has indicated that Nick Fury is not happening and that something bigger is on the way. Check out the Twitter posts below.

In this business if we hear a rumor from one source, it’s just a rumor, but if we get a second source that confirms the same thing, then it starts to look far more likely.

Will we get any confirmation of any of this further down the line? Possibly, we already know Disney Play will feature limited series for both Loki and Scarlett Witch and those are still pretty far out.

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As for speculation on what this bigger and better Marvel show might be? I genuinely don’t know, I have heard fans already theorise it could be Fantastic Four, Hulk or even X-Men, but these are all just guess work based off of a rumor at this point. Be sure to stay tuned to LRM for any further developments, we will share anything we can find out.

What do you think of this rumor, what characters would you like to see them make limited series around? Share your thoughts in the usual place below.

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SOURCE: Slash Film (via Twitter)