Marvel Rumors For Daredevil: Born Again – Thunderbolts – Spider-Man 4 – Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer And More

Lot's of small Marvel rumors for the likes of Daredevil: Born Again, Thunderbolts, Spider-Man 4, Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer, plus more.

Lot’s of small Marvel rumors for the likes of Daredevil: Born Again, Thunderbolts, Spider-Man 4, Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer, plus more. That’s a lot to get through and all these rumors are coming from two different sources. Those being CWGST on her Insta subscription service and Daniel RPK‘s Patreon.

We will go one movie/project at a time. So Let’s start with Daredevil: Born Again rumors, the upcoming Disney+ series which has been filming on location recently.

We know one of the villains of this show is the character Muse. Well Toast says that Hunter Doohan has 100% been cast as Muse in Daredevil: Born Again! So far the actor’s identity had been unknown despite so many cameras recording all the filming. And leading off of this story RPK says he’s heard the plan is to make shows like this (more grounded) for the Disney + side.

Unfortunately that means Nova, which was supposed to be a series is being reviewed in light of the first version of the show being cancelled. Could it become a movie, or just needs to be held back until it can be achieved in a more cost effective way? Who knows? All RPK says is that the first version of the show was rejected and with the plan to go street level on Disney+ Nova does not really fit. In other words, a decision has not been made yet.

Echo and Moon Knight were both cited as examples of this grounded approach to Disney+.

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Okay first another Disney+ tidbit, as RPK says the plan is to make a White Tiger show for Disney+. However with a female version of White Tiger, not the one who does definitely appear in Daredevil: Born Again. I don’t want to spoil any more details than that for now.

Now let’s move on to the movie side of the MCU and we shall start with…

Thunderbolts Rumors

So back aa long time ago RPK said that Tiamut Island and Adamantium/Thunderbolt Ross were involved in the Thunderbolts movie. However, at the time Toast said this was not the case and she has reiterated that these plot elements are contained within Captain America: Brave New World and not Thunderbolts. Toast does however add one answer to a question I have had since learning Harrison Ford is not in Thunderbolts. Why are the team called Thunderbolts? Erm, you may not like this answer if it’s true. Toast says they are named after Yelena’s childhood soccer team, not Thunderbolt Ross.


Meanwhile RPK says not to expect Bucky to be a co-lead of Thunderbolts, his part is actually minor. He says the order of actors on this films is as follows. Yelena-Val-Sentry-Ghost-Taskmaster-US Agent-Bucky-Red Guardian. Hmm, I’m not still not yet sure why I’m supposed to be excited for this one. Let’s hope I’m very wrong and the trailer is fire when it eventually hits.

Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer Rumors

RPK says that there is a Silver Surfer project in the works. Presumably a movie given his other comments about grounded Disney+ series. However, casting is currently underway for an actor because he will first appear in Fantastic Four filming this year.

Perhaps a Norrin Radd origin tale of some kind in Fantastic Four? We have heard Galactus would have another female Herald in this movie and not Surfer. However the script was still being worked on so who knows now?

Spider-Man 4 Rumors Plus More

RPK who has had a lot of SM4 updates lately has now claimed that Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige are planning to introduce Miles Morales in Spider-Man 4. He also says that future Mile Morales films will be set in the MCU like the current movies are.

As for on the Sony side of the fence RPK says they are planning two new animated movies. The two animated Spider-Man films that are currently in development at Sony is a female led movie and one focused on villains as the leads. Hmm, I wish Sony would stop making villain movies, but Sony gonna Sony.

A small note for Captain America: Brave New World. Toast had said some time ago that the Serpent Society had been dropped from the movie completely in rewrites and reshoots. Now RPK backs up that claim from Toast to say he’s heard this is the case also. RPK also claims the finale is being changed for this movie during reshoots.

And finally, RPK also says that Young Avengers will definitely be a movie and not a TV series. Which given the current climate was to be expected.

So what do you think of these latest Marvel rumors for Daredevil: Born Again, Thunderbolts, Spider-Man 4, Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer and more? Thoughts below as always.

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