– by Nick Doll

With Thor: Ragnarok still over a week away from release, it looks like Marvel already recognizes two characters as breakaway hits, and plans to use them again.

The players in question are Korg and Miek, two aliens found on Sakaar, where Thor must do battle with Hulk under the watchful eyes of Grandmaster. Director Taika Waititi plays Korg, a giant rock creature with Waititi’s New Zealand accent, who is often paired with his friend Miek, an alien resembling an insect. Apparently, those who have seen the film are fans of the characters, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige knows it.

Feige had this to say to Fandango when discussing Korg and Miek:

“We have plans for Korg and Miek. When and where we’ll have to wait and see, but we, like the audience now that they’ve seen them, can’t get enough.”

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As for where we might see them again, Feige suggested the correct route may be something akin to the Team Thor shorts featuring Thor and his roommate Darryl:

“The Team Thor short that Taika did with Darryl and Thor were great fun, and are quite doable, and in some parts helped redefine Thor into what he’s become in Ragnarok in a fun way. So there might be opportunities for more things like that.”

Feige added:

“We were talking about doing a little spin-off. Like one of these One-Shot short films with Korg and Miek… like [them] just going shopping and things.”

Thor: Ragnarok rocks the big screen on November 3, 2017.

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SOURCE: Fandango