Rian Johnson Says Leia Will Kick Butt In The Last Jedi

The day that nerds and geeks around the world have been waiting two years for is now less than two months away -- the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In speaking with USA Today, the

Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi Says He’d Love To Direct Another Thor Film

The movie hasn’t come out yet, but many are already calling Thor: Ragnarok a big success. Currently, it’s sitting on Rotten Tomatoes at 98 percent, with 57 positive reviews out of a total 58 reviews.

Zack Snyder Shares More Justice League Set Photos

  Zack Snyder has been almost religiously adding Justice League set photos to his Vero account. So far, he’s shared images of Amazons, Atlanteans, and even Amazons with the Batmobile. Days may have passed since

Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster To Get Sketch With His Own Roommate Like Thor?

Thor seemed to take on a whole new personality about a year-and-a-half ago with the short “Team Thor.” The short offered a look at what Thor may have been doing when the rest of the

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Box Office Predictions, Netflix Changing The Game, & More! – Los Fanboys

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/star-wars-the-last-jedi-box-office-predictions-netflix-changing-the-game-more In the latest episode of Los Fanboys, Jammer and David start off by discussing the latest box office weekend before discussing the brave, new world of Netflix, with Nielsen offering a new ratings system

Why Netflix’s Mindhunter Couldn’t Be Done On Network TV, According To Actors

If you’ve somehow missed Mindhunter under the heaps of quality programming Netflix throws your way, then I suggest you have a look. The David Fincher-led series follows two FBI agents and their attempts to use

Michael Bay Set To Produce Dora The Explorer Adaptation

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Bay will be a producer on a big screen adaptation of Dora the Explorer. Yes, you read that correctly, the master of explosions, will be producing the cinematic version of

AMC to Offer Vets Up To 10,000 Tickets For Thank You For Your Service

Universal Pictures and AMC Theatres today announced that, on October 26, up to 10,000 free tickets will be presented to U.S. veterans and active-duty servicemembers for DreamWorks Pictures’ Thank You for Your Service—at more than

Thor: Ragnarok Tracking To Break $100 Million In Opening Weekend

Thor: Ragnarok is currently tracking to break $100 million at the box office, Variety reports. This would mark it as the most successful opening for any Thor movie to date. The first Thor had a

Trailer Hits For Horror Film Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vseYaPR6hgI&feature=youtu.be There are a lot of mystery houses scattered about the United States, but one such house is known as the Winchester House over in San Jose, California. The house was interesting since it was