– by Campbell Clark

The anticipation and hype around the as yet untitled Avengers 4 is palpable, after the (almost) cliff-hanger type ending to Infinity War. With the heroes ultimately losing in the movie and Thanos achieving his goals and dispatching of many of the Avengers in the process, it has left fans eager to wonder what happens next.

Now to stoke up even more anticipation in the blockbuster sequel to Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Studios have released an online countdown clock for the movie’s release. I must admit, when I first caught this new page I initially got a little hyped that it might be counting down to the first official trailer for the movie. Alas, a simple check clearly shows that the countdown is heading towards the movies domestic release date on May 3rd.

It is worth noting that as a UK resident, the website certainly does not give a different countdown clock depending on which areas you are connecting in from. This could simply mean they didn’t program anything that complicated into the simple web page.

It could, however, mean that as many people in the industry are predicting, Marvel might once again cancel the film’s early release across Europe and instead match the US release date. Though as you can see in the related article below, currently all signs still remain pointed towards an early release in other territories across the globe, for now.

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You can check it out for yourself Here. Oh and for those thinking there may be some clue to the title of the movie in the web address, I’ll save you some time, there’s not!

Annoyingly, though May does not seem that far away, we still have 175 days left to build our hype before we get to see the conclusion of this epic story. Let’s hope the rumors of a first trailer sometime in the next month or so are true, if nothing else Marvel top dog Kevin Feige has indicated the trailer will arrive before the year is out.

Are you still as hyped for Avengers 4 as you were last summer, or will it take a trailer to get you all buzzed up again? Share your thoughts in the usual spot below.

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SOURCE: Marvel Studios