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Image via Marvel

Image via Marvel

The Inhumans has been a wholly-interesting project to follow. It started out as a film slated for the tail-end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a few months back, it was removed from said slate, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige stating that he thought the film would find its way back into the mix, but he wasn’t sure when. In the time since that, it’s been confirmed that The Inhumans has now shifted from a film to an ABC series (though it’s been stated that this version of the adaptation is different from what the movie would have been, and is not a spinoff of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

The Inhumans’ first two episodes would be debuted — and shot — in IMAX, which is a historic first for any TV series. Yes, there have been some season premieres on the big screen (such as Game of Thrones), but none have legitimately premiered on the big screen. Additionally, none were specifically shot for IMAX.

Speaking with THR, Disney-ABC Studios Group president Ben Sherwood stated:

“We think this is a quadruple win — a win for Imax, a win for Marvel, a win for ABC Studios and a win for ABC to launch a show in an innovative way and get attention.”

Indeed IMAX gets the added exposure — and the name Marvel attached to it — and Marvel, ABC Studios, and ABC get to “event-ize” their latest series. When all said and done, there are no losers in this deal (unless the show sucks and no one sees it, of course, then it’s a quadruple loss).

And don’t think that only parts of the episodes will be shot with IMAX cameras. Nope. According to THR, the first two episodes will be shot entirely with IMAX cameras —and even better, IMAX is said to be paying for those first two episodes. Indeed, this likely helped in ABC Studios and Marvel TV actually greenlighting this project to begin with. ABC, IMAX, and Marvel will also work to making a specialized marketing campaign for this special event.

There’s another interesting thought on this, courtesy of IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond. If you’ll recall, the past couple months have been pretty dry in terms of good movies. Following the period between the summer releases and late October month, there was a definite lack of good films — as is normally the case. Gelfond thinks The Inhumans can help meet that demand for quality content, stating, “We get to break out of our distribution niche and participate in revenue from theatrical and TV releases.”

As someone who generally has a hard time getting into network TV shows, this is an idea that intrigues me to no end. More and more, we’re seeing the increase in quality TV in streaming services and cable networks, but as far as your general network stuff…it’s starting to feel more cookie-cutter and less risky. The IMAX approach for The Inhumans has actually done an amazing job of getting me, someone who is not so interesting in the property or in network TV, to perk up my ears in interest. I’m all for breaking the mold and trying new things, and I wish The Inhumans all the best in making this series a reality.

What do you think of these new details? Let us know your thoughts down below!

The Inhumans is set to premiere in IMAX for two weeks starting Labor Day 2017 before being folded into ABC’s fall lineup.

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