– by Campbell Clark

Yesterday you may have come across some news of a rumor started by scooper Grace Randolph around Wonder Woman 1984. We had previously heard that WW 84 would be delayed for a full seven months. Following this, YouTuber Grace Randolph released a video where she claimed her sources had informed her that WW 84 was being retooled as a Flashpoint/soft reboot event. You can check the original video out Here.

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I have to say when I read ab0ut this initially, my skeptic alarm was ringing incessantly. Surely if you are going to do a soft reboot using Flashpoint, you’d, you know, use a Flash movie and not a Wonder Woman sequel that’s already filmed the majority of its content?

Now, TheWrap‘s Umberto Gonzalez has strongly refuted Randolph’s claim on Twitter. Check it out below.

Which of these stories is correct and which is false is a question I will leave our readers to answer for themselves here. We certainly are not going pin our flags to a mast in this scoop war between Randolph and Gonzalez.

I have to say that given my initial skepticism of the Randolph story I’m inclined personally to side more with Umberto Gonzalez here, and his track record is much more solid than Randolph’s, if we’re looking at raw stats. But I cannot say for certain and that’s just my own personal take on this situation.

What I will say is that if DC/WB are really planning to reboot their universe, then Flashpoint is likely the best way to do it. Though, I still don’t think this would work if all the actors are changed as well. Reboot the stories, yes, reboot the actors, no? Even time travel wouldn’t be enough to make me suspend disbelief on that score.

The DCEU has had a rocky start, but if Aquaman is good along with WW 84 and possibly Joker, then do they really need to reboot the whole universe? I’d say they just need to start making better movies and they should absolutely start with making a Man of Steel 2 starring Henry Cavill.

What do you think of this rumor battle, which side do you fall on and what do you think they should do with the DCEU? Let us know your thoughts in the usual place below.

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SOURCE: Grace Randolph (via YouTube), Umberto Gonzalez (via Twitter)