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Looks like Ghostgirl won’t have to feel invisible for much longer, because she’s about to become a star of the silver screen. According to Variety, Matthew Vaughn has purchased the rights to the Ghostgirl series of young adult novels for his production company, Marv Films. Vaughn will be producing the film alongside Valerie Van Galder, and it’s currently unclear if he’d also be involved as the director as well.

The Ghostgirl books, written by Tonya Hurley have become a worldwide smash since the series began in 2008. Published in 20 languages and selling over a million copies in Latin America alone, readers have flocked to the trilogy of books- which also include Ghostgirl: Homecoming and Ghostgirl: Lovesick. Hurley is quite excited that Vaughn is the man who wants to adapt the series. “I am beyond thrilled to have ‘Ghostgirl’ in the hands of such creative, capable and passionate filmmakers,” Hurley is quoted as saying in the Variety report.

The books tell the story of teenage girl who is desperate to be popular, despite being dead. How’d she die? She choked on a Gummi Bear.

Based on some of the artwork I’ve seen, I feel like this would be perfect for a filmmaker like a Tim Burton, done in the vein of his A Nightmare Before Christmas or The Corpse Bride. Nonetheless, Vaughn is a very talented filmmaker and I’m looking forward to seeing what he puts together for Ghostgirl.

SOURCE: Variety