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Mephisto’s Look Revealed For WandaVision? Evidence Is Sketchy | Barside Buzz

Has Mephisto’s look been revealed for WandaVision? As said in the title, the evidence here is sketchy. Frankly, I am not sure I buy it. I will present all the sources and let you decide for yourself.

**However first off, we need to address the elephant in the room. We are well aware that some images have leaked for WandaVision episodes 5 and 6. Let me be clear that these will not be discussed in this article, nor will we share links to these. Do not post any links to that content on the comments section either or it will be removed. **

At the same time, if you decide to delve into the sources on this article more thoroughly, there is a good chance you will come across that SPOILER content. So all I can do is warn you against this and if you do not heed my warning, then so be it?

Part 1


Mephisto hints have cropped up a few times already on WandaVision. However, as of now, we still don’t know whether these hints are red herrings or whether Mephisto really the villain of West View. So this tweet below appeared on my radar and I initially felt it wasn’t enough to run with. Then I saw the second part and noticed discussion blowing up. Check out this post by WandaVision News, and let me also point out this was a new account created to post this image.

Is that genuine packaging or has someone done a good job of taking an existing toy and doctoring it? I don’t have a complete answer for you, but I definitely ‘pressed F to doubt’. I have heard from some supposed toy experts that Marvel rarely release any merch with surprise characters until after the event. Therefore, some fans believe the package has been amended to show Mephisto and originally had another character.

Part 2


Part 2 of this story gets even more sketchy for me. First of all, check out the social media post below.

Now, there has been many rumors that Evan Peters was going to be in WandaVision. Some have said he will play Quicksilver and some another character. I won’t get into whether Peters appears or not, however this post claims that Peters is specifically playing Mephisto. Now, for a start, this supposed Mephisto does not look terribly like the image on the toy package to me. Second red flag is the source for these images, where did they come from?

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The answer is 4Chan, and you can find them Here, and Here. This hardly looks like leaked artwork to me. It looks like my kid got the idea from the first image and decided to make a drawing of Peters as Mephisto. I just don’t buy this and in no way would I say this is a confirmed story.

Could Peters be playing Mephisto? Sure, and I’m not saying otherwise, but that does not make these images real. Equally, Mephisto could still be a red herring for me and therefore Peters would not be playing the character, would he?

Is this Mephisto’s look revealed for WandaVision or just some creative art work from a fan? You decide for yourself.


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