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With the success of series like Narcos which features the story of the infamous Medellin drug cartem ran by Pablo Escobar, I knew it was a matter of time before the story of Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera aka “El Chapo” was picked up by a studio or network.

According to Variety Sony Pictures is in negotiations to acquire the film rights to the book Hunting El Chapo: The Thrilling Inside Story of the American Lawman Who Captured the World’s Most-Wanted Drug Lord. The book is written by Cole Merrell and Douglas Century At the same time Sony Pictures is also in talks with Michael Bay, who is currently in post-production on Transformers: The Last Knight, to either direct or produce the film.


Here is a summery of the book which is listed on Amazon:

A blend of Manhunt, Killing Pablo, and Zero Dark Thirty, Cole Merrell and Douglas Century’s sensational investigative high-tech thriller—soon to be a major motion picture from Sony—chronicles a riveting chapter in the twentieth-century drug wars: the exclusive inside story of the American lawman and his dangerous eight-year hunt that captured El Chapo—the world’s most wanted drug kingpin who evaded the law for more than a decade.

Every generation has a larger-than-life criminal: Jesse James, Billy the Kid, John Dillinger, Al Capone, John Gotti, Pablo Escobar. But each of these notorious lawbreakers had a “white hat” in pursuit: Wyatt Earp, Pat Garrett, Eliot Ness, Steve Murphy. For notorious drug lord Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán-Loera—El Chapo—that lawman is former Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Cole Merrell.

In 2006, fresh out of the D.E.A. Academy, Merrell heads west to Arizona where he immediately plunges into a series of gripping undercover adventures, all unknowingly placing him on the trail of Guzmán, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, a Forbes billionaire and Public Enemy No. 1 in the United States. Six years later, as head of the D.E.A.’s Sinaloa Cartel desk in Mexico City, Merrell finds his life and Chapo’s are ironically, on parallel paths: they’re both obsessed with the details.

In a recasting of the classic American Western on the global stage, Hunting El Chapo takes us on Merrell’s quest to achieve the seemingly impossible, from infiltrating El Chapo’s inner circle to leading a white-knuckle manhunt with an elite brigade of trusted Mexican Marines—racing door-to-door through the cartel’s stronghold and ultimately bringing the elusive and murderous king-pin to justice.

This cinematic crime story following the relentless investigative work of Merrell and his team unfolds at breakneck speed, taking the reader behind the scenes of one of the most sophisticated and dangerous counter-narcotics operations in the history of the United States and Mexico.

Although we know Michael Bay for his Transformers projects, he has recently worked on films like 13 Hours, which takes on the Benghazi drama from a few years back. It would be interesting to see how Bay would take on this project as El Chapo is seen by many even here in the Unites States as a hero, even though he has committed several terrible crimes. One thing is for sure is that we’ll have some amazing action sequences.

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Source: Variety, Amazon