– by Brandon Jones

The Fast and the Furious franchise is known for big action, fast cars and, of late, lots of drama. Be it the Rock and Vin Diesel going at it, Tyrese crying about his divorce or Michelle Rodriguez threatening to leave the series if the franchise doesn’t “show some love to women,” the series is interesting, both on and off the screen.

While at the recent amfAR Gala in New York, a fundraising benefit for AIDS research, Rodriguez gave a red carpet interview covering a few topics to include a defense of Liam Neeson’s race row and her plans for the Fast & Furious franchise.  Concerning Fast and Furious 9, Rodriguez repeated her call for inclusivity. 

“I don’t know if I’m coming back. I have to read the script first. Once I read the script, I’ll know. When I read the script—and I hope that it’s inclusive—then I’ll agree to come back or not. My energy is completely directed toward the feminine right now and supporting women. I’ve spent most of my life shooting guns, and hanging out with the boys, and watching them scratch their balls, and smelling protein-mixed farts. And now I’m feeling the poetry and the beauty and the sensuality of women, and the power we bring together. So they need to show more love to the women. I don’t know which direction it’s going to go. But I know that I’m headed in that direction. We’ll see if that all matches.”

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Things certainly seem to be in flux with the franchise. With The Rock and Jason Statham already sitting out the ninth installment of the main series and Rodriguez likely eyeing the female lead spin-off, there’s no telling what could happen next.  

With Fast and Furious 9 slated for next year, it’s interesting that the actors and script haven’t been lined up yet. We’ll see if Universal can bring it all together or if the flick will ultimately be pushed back.

Justin Lin returns to direct his fifth film in the Fast franchise, which is due out sometime 2020.

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SOURCE: Variety