– by Campbell Clark

With Ben Affleck no longer being Batfleck, I guess the search is on from WB to find a new actor to play Batman. We have heard that WB want a household name to star in Matt Reeves The Batman and that the age of the actor they are looking for is very specific. The rumor mill currently has Twilight star Robert Pattinson in the lead for some reason I can’t quite fathom, though I feel there are better choices out there.

Interestingly one of the names mentioned by fans was that of Scott Adkins (The Expendables 2, Doctor Strange, Accident Man), though he definitely doesn’t fall into the category of a household name. Despite Adkins kinda looking the part I am definitely not convinced after watching the video above. Adkins has made an audition tape for himself using a more emotional scene from The Dark Knight Rises, probably because his physical acting has been well demonstrated in his movies. Check it out above and see what you think for yourself, this was shared online by Fortress of Solitude.

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Personally, when I watch this, it only reiterates to me what great casting Christian Bale and Michael Cain were for Bruce and Alfred, and for me, Adkins just doesn’t have the emotional range Bale shows in the scene. So, it’s a big no from me I’m afraid Scott, just my personal opinion.

I don’t think there’s anyone out there right now that I would obviously tag as the person I wanted to play Batman. But then, I haven’t truly given it much thought with Affleck only leaving a relatively short time ago. Alas, I can’t see this audition tape doing much for Scott Adkins chances, but then I am no casting director, so what do I know?

What do you think of Adkins audition tape, do you agree with me he isn’t the right fit for The Batman, or do you really like him in the role? Leave your comments in the Bat chat section below.

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SOURCE: Fortress of Solitude