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There’s been an onslaught of “Jason Momoa is Aquaman” rumors lately. Doesn’t matter where you go. Doesn’t matter who you talk to. Everyone is convinced that the Stargate: Atlantis actor has signed on to be part of the DC Cinematic Universe. So it was only natural for late night host Jimmy Kimmel to pop the question when he had the actor on to promote his current project, Road To Paloma– which he directed.

The actor, though, continues to deny that a deal is done. He refers to them as rumors, admits it would be cool, and leaves it as a “wait and see” sort of situation. You can view Momoa’s comments themselves below (they begin at the :21 mark):

What do you make of all this? I actually get the feeling that all of these premature reports may be interfering with the rumors becoming reality. He may very well be up for the role, but negotiations have stalled because of the effect this sort of thing can have. With all of the buzz generated by the reports, Momoa may now be saying “The people have spoken. I’m the first bit of casting news about this film that anyone actually likes. I deserve more money.” It’s just a thought. But I just get the feeling that all of these reports are actually hurting a deal getting done, as opposed to helping.