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USA Today has given us all a sneak peak of the upcoming buddy comedy Wedding Ringers, starring Kevin Hart (Ride Along) and Josh Gad (Frozen). The film’s comedic premise is that Hart’s character runs Best Man Inc- a professional service that provides faux-Best Man wedding services for guys that don’t have any friends. Gad plays a dorky computer entrepreneur that not only needs a Best Man, but seven groomsmen as well. So he purchases Hart’s deluxe “Golden Tux” package.

Then a madcap adventure begins where Hart and Gad have to create a fictional history of friendship together, using pictures and videos, so that no one can figure out what a sham the whole thing is. 

Aside from the photo above, we’ve also got two more:

Wedding Ringer will be the feature directing debut of Jeremy Garelick, who also wrote it. His previous writing credits include the Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston flick The Break-Up. The film is expected out next January- the same month that Hart’s Ride Along broke records.