– by Seth McDonald

A few days ago Warner Bros. Studios promoted Walter Hamada to oversee DC films from here on out. Now word of more changes over at WB as Toby Emmerich has been promoted to chairman and Sue Kroll will step down to a producer position. Emmerich has been around Hollywood for years, being an executive producer on multiple films per year since 2002, and was one of the people behind last year’s success, IT.

Toby Emmerich:

“I’m humbled and honored to have this opportunity to help continue Warner Bros. Pictures’ legacy of creativity, innovation and excellence. We will remain focused on being the first choice for the world’s best filmmakers, whether they’re making their first film or their 34th. “

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Emmerich will more or less run the studio from now on, allowing Kevin Tsujihara Warner Bros. Chairman and CEO, to be relieved of daily duties at the studio.

Tsujihara said in a statement:

“We need to constantly adapt our operations to stay ahead of [these] changes, while preserving our creative excellence. Bringing together film and home entertainment marketing and distribution will allow us to strategically manage film titles through their entire lifecycle. We’ll be better able to respond to consumer demand, while still creating unique theatrical and home entertainment experiences, and provide increased benefits to our filmmaking, exhibition and retail partners.”

As I mentioned above, Emmerich has been involved in just a ridiculous amount of films over the years and appears to have a hefty slate planned for the future.

Is Warner Bros. moving in the right direction? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: TheWrap

  • Weresmurf

    Quite clearly this does look like a better direction… BUT…

    “while preserving our creative excellence. ”

    Jesus christ just shut the fuck up and have some humility dude. Say something like “We haven’t been performing to our best capacity and wish to rectify this for our audience and our fans, to give them the movies they deserve”.

    • Moby85

      A seriously good point Weresmurf. Arrogance is always a turn off.

      Unless you’re LRM’s favorite fanboy sporting a flight suit, wicked shades, boss hair, and used to help David put together his weekly column.

      Moby85. Esquire.

      • Weresmurf

        Aviator sunnies always command respect. Much respect. *brofist*

    • Victor Roa

      “Creative excellence” means Inception was probably the only original film we made that people wanted to see.

    • the50sguystrikesback

      {‘Jesus Christ just shut the fuck up and have some humility dude. Say something like “We haven’t been performing to our best capacity…”}

      I’m sorry, but ALL fans haven’t seen the DCEU as a failure. Contrary to what you might THINK, the fans who patron this site (bashing Zack Snyder, Warner Bros. and the DCEU constantly) are NOT the majority opinion. Millions of fans (myself included) have enjoyed what’s been offered so far and therefore a ‘mea culpa’ isn’t necessary.

      • Weresmurf

        Boxoffice, critical reception and general consensus says otherwise. The *only* time its been otherwise, has been with Wonderwoman, which was a well thought out movie. I myself love BvS ultimate cut, but the cinematic cut which left out entire plotlines and forced fans into a flurry of mental gymnastics saying “Oh you have to piece it together with your miiiiiind”, was an abortion that was terrible in almost every respect. It literally took 30 minutes of footage, that out of context seems like filler, yet in context is actually connective tissue stringing whole plotlines together creatively! I somewhat enjoyed Justice League but its issues were *glaring*. Suicide Squad was bad decision after bad decision and only held together because of a good cast.

        Just because you capitalise words in a flurry of anger doesn’t make you right incidentally. What I was saying was that he seems to ultimately be missing the point over needing to rethink a lot of creative choices. Case in point: Hamstringing Zack Snyder at every twist and turn. Snyders *original* visions sounded epic, interesting and original. WB stepped in and castrated his visions, cutting his movies down for the cinema. Hell, look at BVS for further proof of that. Look at JLA then for even *further* proof.

        Anyhow, I could go on and on but I stand by what I said.

      • Marquis de Sade

        Your comment is mired in denial and madness!

      • AmiRami

        Whether you personally enjoy the DCEU or not is not the point. WB considers the DCEU a failure. Hence the shake ups. These movies have not made the money they were meant to make and that is not a sign of a happy audience.

  • Victor Roa